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Accessible green energy  for everyone, everywhere

Mission & Vision

Sustainable energy solutions

ZekiTek’s clean power generation technology makes green energy accessible for everyone, everywhere.

The need for clean energy is urgent. Our world-first integrated renewable energy generation and charging system provides the affordable, accessible, and reliable power required to enable net zero by 2050. Our technology is scalable, ranging from tens of kilowatt hours to hundreds of megawatt hours.

In remote locations, our small, adaptable generators independently produce and store energy. In cities, they work independently or in conjunction with the grid. Designed for longevity, our generators and batteries operate for extensive time periods in extreme conditions.

With partnerships already emerging across The Pacific, our proudly Australian made and manufactured technology will power remote locations and communities worldwide.

At ZekiTek, we’re dedicated to a sustainable, carbon-free future for all. Our technology will make clean energy accessible for everyone, everywhere.

Smart Tech

Green opportunity

Our partners and investors are governments and businesses including banks, energy storage suppliers and vehicle manufacturers across Europe, the Middle East, and the Pacific Islands.

Join them in powering a cleaner, greener future. Talk to us about investment opportunities today.

About our founder

ZekiTek is the world’s first integrated renewable energy generation and a whole electrical charging eco-system

Rikesh is the founder of ZekiTek, the world’s first renewable energy generation and electrical charging eco-system, with a mission to make clean energy accessible for everyone, everywhere.

Rikesh has extensive experience in innovation, finance operations, projects, and commercial management.

For over 16 years, he has been involved with green innovation and electric vehicles. He launched wireless charging of electric vehicles at the Seoul G20 Summit in 2010, which was named by TIME Magazine as one of the top 50 Inventions and World Economic Forum as Top 10 emerging technologies.

With a career that began in finance, Rikesh observed the energy industry from the outskirts. He knew there had to be a better way to generate and distribute energy and has since been driven by the understanding that the world’s need for clean energy is too important to ignore.

Rikesh is also a member of the Griffith University Zero Emissions Advisory Group representing SMEs.

Rikesh Ram

Rikesh Ram

Founder and CEO

The future of electricity entirely from sustainable sources is ZekiTek.

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