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Next generation mobile generators

Drive the change with ZekiPower’s green mobile generators and EV charging systems. Our Australian designed ZekiPower units are portable,  rapid charging and the ultimate solution for easy field deployment of power. With progressive technology, ZekiPower serves as a renewable energy-powered mobile generator and electric vehicle charging station.

ZekiPower refuels it’s mobile generators with renewable sources using both wind and sun to provide 10kVa of power that can be used anywhere, anytime. Our generators provide an  alternative to traditional diesel, petrol and gas generators and give you the flexibility to plug into a regular power point to recharge. Scalable in size due to modular design, the ZekiPower system can operate to charge an EV on the roadside, to powering an entire remote donga or festival with solar recharging.

You can even recharge on the go as you are driving utilising your vehicle alternator to top up your ZekiPower mobile generator.

ZekiPower mobile generator


Empowering electric vehicle roadside assistance

ZekiPower offers convenient and rapid mobile recharging for electric vehicles on the roadside. The modular ZekiPower mobile system is the answer for portable charging or electric vehicle roadside assistance. Emergency tow truck rescue is no longer required for EVs. We have also set up a “swap and go” system for a ready power supply to keep you moving.

With just a standard 15A power supply, the ZekiPower modular battery can be fully recharged in as little as one hour. While on the move, power can be drawn from the onboard 12V mobile inverter.

The system allows for 10KVA of mobile power with 8kW of expandable battery storage solutions to increase battery capacity from 10KVA to 18KVA, which can be expanded by adding 8kW units.

Designed to cater to the rising adoption of electric vehicles in Australia, ZekiPower’s system is specifically tailored to meet the demands of electric vehicle roadside assistance. It offers up to 43km of range in just one hour, providing efficient and reliable power supply for the roadside recovery of all types of electric vehicles.


ZekiPower mobile generators can be used as an emergency power supply to cover outages or damaged electrical infrastructure. A constant reliable source of back up power is required at hopsitals and healthcare facilities, many industries such as data centres and financial institutions can all benefit from reliable, emission free generators, free from toxic fumes or the need to refuel. 

Fossil fuel free provides a safer site and working environment for all.


ZekiPower has zero carbon emissions and can be 100% powered by nature, offering cost savings with its efficient and minimal maintenance design.

Maximise and extend performance, with easy maintenance with no moving parts; 3-year manufacturer warranty (conditions apply).


Compared with similar size and capacity generators, ZekiPower mobile generators are significantly more compact in weight and size.

This compact size makes ZekiPower units more flexible to use and easy to load on vehicles to provide power to even the most remote locations. Replacing fossil fuel generators with clean quiet power.

remote power and ev charging solutions

Benefits of ZekiPower


Mobile power supply up to 43km of range in one hour. Weighing 200kg the unit is compact and light.

Swap and go

Quick deployment and ease of use with 8kW battery pack swap and go system requiring minimum technical training.


The robust outer case ensures secure transport of rack mountable electronics, providing peace of mind on the go.


The battery units can provide power to workshops or service locations when not immediately required for mobile service.

SCALABLE modular design

Reliable remote power solutions

 Operating as a reliable generator, modules can be stacked together to increase capacity and longevity. Similar to CEC accredited “stand-alone” BESS storage systems, this feature offers added benefits and cost savings to vehicle fleets and service infrastructure.

ZekiPower features a simple and efficient management process. As well as a “swap and go” capability allowing for rapid redeployment with minimal technical training. Additionally, the 48Vdc BESS system complies with AS/NZS 3000 standards, ensuring both safety and reliability in operation.

The future of electricity entirely from sustainable sources is ZekiTek.