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Renewable energy made accessible for anyone, anywhere, with ZekiTek

A vertical axis wind turbine that can be installed in any location, including small footprints, roadsides, and rooftops

ZekiTurbines are hybrid-compatible and can integrate and use alternate energy sources, like solar.

ZekiTurbines are built to suit all locations, ranging between 1m to 10m high and 1m to 3m wide. ZekiTurbine charges 12/24/48VDC battery banks, which power DC loads including DC/AC inverters for 110/230VAC output.

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Benefits of ZekiTurbine


ZekiTurbines are compact vertical axis wind turbines with a small footprint.


Very effective in natural wind tunnel locations.


ZekiTurbines can be installed in any location, including roadsides and rooftops.


Unlike solar, ZekiTurbines generate power 24/7.

The future of electricity entirely from sustainable sources is ZekiTek.

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